Bubbler Glass bubblers are custom designed and custom made

Instantly cooling your smoke temperature from a blazing 200°c (392°f) down to a much cooler 40°c (104°f) with regular tap water. Takes away the harshness while you enjoy all of the beneficial effects.

As well as capturing combustion impurities, our organic cotton Flower Filter tips and Bubbler Glass water filters will drastically improve the taste and smoothness of your pre-rolls!

Bubbler Glass is perfect for all of the joint and pre-roll lovers looking for better highs and better health

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The Crystal Skull is my go-to piece. Brings every pre-roll to a higher level.

Eric B.

As a health conscious consumer, this is perfect for me.

Michelle W.

With so many upsides, I never smoke without my Bubbler Glass.

Megan L.

Smoke through Bubbler Glass is so smooth!

Alicia D.