Behind Bubbler Glass


My first experience was so amazing, I knew that prohibition had to end.  I immediately became a passionate advocate for legalization.  

Now that it’s finally legal in Canada, to further mainstream the enjoyment of cannabis, after researching and designing health conscious cannabis accessories over the past 20 years, I created Bubbler Glass to help you smoke better smoke, thanks to my custom designed hand made joint bubblers. 

Joint bubblers
 cool down your smoke and also makes it cleaner, by capturing combustion impurities!

This is how Bubbler Glass bubblers provide a much more enjoyable, smoother, health conscious joint experience.

Enhance your highs and your health.  If you love joints, I invite you to enjoy your next joint with a Bubbler Glass bubbler and elevate every experience.

Bubbler Glass

More about Bubbler Glass: 
Bubbler Glass is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is the world's first and only company dedicated to making the world's best joint bubblers.  Joint bubblers are the only glass pieces that I make.

High-end, handmade, locally designed, get healthier now. 

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