Use a Bubbler

1. Add a bit of water.

Replace the water after every session.

2. Place your favourite legal joint in the holder.   
For the best smoke flow, rip a Flower Filter in half for a perfect size filter (or any filter tip about 4 x 2 cm in size).  

3. Light up and enjoy the best sessions ever!  
Place finger on carb hole on top.  Inhale through the end and see the smoke fill the chamber.  Release the carb, inhale and enjoy cool filtered smoke.  

Form and function: Enjoy the experience and be healthier about it.  

Legal disclaimer: Intended for tobacco use.

(I asked a lawyer why do I need to write this silly disclaimer since tobacco is incredibly more harmful than cannabis.  How does that make this safer by saying to use it tobacco?  Their answer: "I know it's backwards but until backwards cannabis prohibition is lifted and legalized on a federal level, that's just what we have to do.")