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The Love Bubbler adds awesome energy to every experience.  Enjoy a red glass Heart by Bubbler Glass so you can make your next session filled with love.

Remember to get a travel pouch with pre-roll tube so you can protect and enjoy your Bubbler Glass on the go!


  • Makes flower taste better
  • Our red glass is made with gold! When oxidized, gold produces the red color
  • Cools the smoke temperature
  • Captures combustion impurities like tar
  • Holds your joints so you don’t have to
  • Brings every joint to the next level
  • High-end and handmade
  • Add a Micro Funnel (and use coupon code MAGIC for 20% off your entire order)
  • About 2.5" high

High-end, handmade and locally designed, Bubbler Glass elevates every experience.

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